Voodoo Dolls vs. Dragons

Hello! even.flow is participating in a new gacha event, the Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Fair, with a couple of gachas for both areas, or “camps”. The event runs from Oct 25 – Nov 22nd, and you’ll have to take teleporters to access each camp.

For the Creepy Camp, we have another set of plushies, the Voodoo Dolls. These dolls also come with a resizer, and can be held or rezzed at 1 land impact.

And for the Kawaii Camp, we have the fire-breathing Dragon Plushies. They range from 1-2 land impact, and can be worn over your head or rezzed. Each dragon has its own uniquely colored fire-breath when clicked, and they come with a menu to resize and even to change the security settings so that anyone can trigger the fire-breath or to set it to owner-only. To access the menu you will have to click and hold for 3+ seconds.

We hope you enjoy them! Check out the links and pictures below.

Teleport Here!
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Zip it!

The Vintage & Cool fair opens today at 1pm SLT and runs until Oct 24th, and even.flow has 2 new releases, the Vintage Dresses which also come with Lola’s Tango appliers for the Tango, Mirage and Delicq mesh breasts, as well as the Zip It skirts. The skirts each include a gold and silver zipper option changeable via HUD, and come in a variety of colors. All clothing is rigged mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes.

• TP HERE! (opens at 1pm SLT)

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Group Gift!

Our Facebook page has reached 100 likes (and counting!), and as a little thank you we’ve put out the Catfeise Cushion as a little gift. Featuring original artwork, this mesh plushie can be held or rezzed at 1 Land Impact.

To all our customers, bloggers and fans, thank you so much for all your support!

• Teleport to the main store and pick up the Group Gift at at the front desk HERE!

• Like us on Facebook HERE!

• The group is free to join, copy and paste this link in local chat: secondlife:///app/group/2c92ed00-4447-aade-a0dd-483360711a3d/about



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even.flow 50% off Clearance Sale!

even.flow is having a clearance sale, with select items discounted by 50%. These items will be retired to the marketplace, some will be retired permanently, after the sale. It runs from Sept 9th to 23rd. All sale items can be found in the clearly marked Sale Room to your right and down the hall.

Teleport Here!
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evenflow sale poster

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The Monster Cushions are out now at the mainstore! These mesh creatures feature original artwork, and can be held or rezzed at 1 Land Impact. Pile them up or just throw them around your house. They are transferable only, and include a resizer-script.

TP here to the mainstore!


flickr image

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Blogger search!

even.flow is looking for bloggers! Click the link to read the rules and apply: Rules & Application

blogger search evenflow

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even.flow’s BIG announcement!

even.flow is now providing appliers for the Lolas Tango line of mesh breasts which work for Lolas Tango, Lolas Mirage and Lolas Delicq. Currently 3 of our previous releases have been updated and we’ll be adding more within the next few weeks. The appliers are available at the mainstore for free for those who have purchased the clothes before.

The following clothes have appliers out now:
• Igraine Dress ‘Solids’
• Adrift Dresses
• Everyday Sweaters

Appliers appear differently depending on the windlight used, and will require lots of adjusting to minimize the appearance of seams. Please keep this in mind and try the demos before purchase!

appliers announcement


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