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even.flow’s BIG announcement!

even.flow is now providing appliers for the Lolas Tango line of mesh breasts which work for Lolas Tango, Lolas Mirage and Lolas Delicq. Currently 3 of our previous releases have been updated and we’ll be adding more within the next few weeks. The appliers are available at the mainstore for free for those who have purchased the clothes before.

The following clothes have appliers out now:
• Igraine Dress ‘Solids’
• Adrift Dresses
• Everyday Sweaters

Appliers appear differently depending on the windlight used, and will require lots of adjusting to minimize the appearance of seams. Please keep this in mind and try the demos before purchase!

appliers announcement


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We <3Ulaa

It’s a wonderful thing to see the SL community coming together to help someone in need, and this is what the <3Ulaa fundraiser is doing. The event started on Aug 14th and will run until the 18th, in an effort to raise funds to help Ulaa and her son visit her ill mother. Ulaa Coronet is a home & garden creator in SL, and has given so much to the community. even.flow was lucky to be able to help even with a couple of previous releases. The Adrift Dresses in ‘white’ and ‘white top’, along with the Igraine Dresses in ‘solid black’ and ‘solid red’ are available at the event, donating 50% and 100% of the proceeds to the cause.

You can also help Ulaa by visiting the event and shopping from many designers, some of which are providing limited edition products that will be retired once the event closes.

Teleport to <3Ulaa here!

Read Ulaa’s Story or Donate directly, here!


_3 Ulaa logo



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Cat Plushies!

Hi there, we have another gacha for you all! The Arm Meowers are out! These cute mesh cat plushies can be held or rezzed, standing at 2 Land Impact. They also include a resizer script, and the holding pose can be disabled from the menu in case you preferred to attach the plushie to a different attachment point.

There are 13 commons to collect, and 3 rares, so get your cat plushie now at the mainstore. Click here to TP!

You may also want to check out Feeb’s Rascals Gacha Square this month to indulge in all things gacha!

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Product Recall Announcement

Dear Customers,
We are issuing a recall of the following product from the Clingy TshirtGacha for women at OMG: Oh My Gacha! event:
• even.flow – Clingy Tshirt Gacha “Camel B” (XS/S) F

The Tshirts in the gacha BEFORE July 6th have the wrong textures, and we will send you a replacement with the correct textures. To make sure whether your copy is defective, change the color of the shirt with the chat command, if the color changes and the image of the camel does not change, then your copy is fine! Please follow the instructions below to receive your replacement:

1. Create a folder named “Replacement Request – YOUR NAME” and drop all your “Camel B” (ladies’) Thirts inside it.
2. Send the folder to yingythingy Resident
3. Send a confirmation IM to yingythingy Resident (even if offline) telling us you have sent a folder requesting replacement Tshirts. A simple “I’ve sent you a folder with my Tshirt gachas” will do.
4. Your replacement Tshirts will be sent within 24 hours.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion, and will do ur best to avoid any errors in the future. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

TP to Oh My Gacha!
Flickr Link

- even.flow Management

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Oh My Gacha!

Hello! even.flow is participating at OMG: Oh My Gacha! from July 1st – 15th with 2 new gacha releases, graphic Tees for ladies and men.

The Clingy Shirts feature original artwork with 9 clingy animal designs to collect. There are 2 color changeable versions of each design with the following colors, Version A: Black, Gray and white and Version B: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and for the ladies Pink, Purple OR Red, Orange for the men. The t-shirts come in 5 sizes, playable in 2 separate sets: XS/S and M/L/XL. To change the color/size of your shirt, you’ll need to type “/101 menu” in local chat.

Oh My Gacha! features many more wonderful designers, so check it all out below.

TP to OMG!

OMG! Info

female clingy poster

male clingy poster


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Hi there! Fashion For Life: Wanderlust opens up today on June 7th until 20th. Everything at this event donates a % of the sales to the American Cancer Society. With 10 sims, each with its own unique theme, you can both enjoy some great shopping and great scenery, while benefiting a great cause.

even.flow is participating with the new and exclusive Adrift Dresses. The dresses include 2 belt textures changeable via HUD. They each come in 5 sizes and an additional Fitted Mesh version. There is also a materials-enabled version included.

Enjoy the event, and have a great weekend!


Official Event Blog

adrift poster

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