even.flow, with love.

The With Love Fair runs from Feb 6th to 20th, with plenty of designers offering exclusives and shopping opportunities for that special someone. even.flow is offering the Chained Tank Tops, which come with 4 chain metals changeable via HUD. The top is rigged mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes. A HUD-driven fatpack version is also available.

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chained tank top


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Jill the Hunter

We’re #32 in the female path of the Jack or Jill Hunt, a free hunt hosted by Depraved Nation. Our prize is a special blue dotted version of the tube scarves, which is rigged mesh and includes a resizer script. The hunt runs from Feb 1st to 28th, and you’re looking for a black cylinder (prop rezzed on the poster . Visit the official event blog for all hunt prize pictures and hints. Happy hunting!

Hint: “Rudolph’s red nose was not as glowy as this one.”

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joj blog

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Oh My Gacha!

Oh My Gacha! is in full swing, and from Jan 10th to 31st you can check out so many incredible gachas by some amazing designers. even.flow has 2 releases out for this much anticipated gacha event in the form of beanbags and plushies.

The Wild Beanbags are hand-drawn and come in 15 different styles, with 9 solo sitting animations (with the “plopped” animation being an original custom animation) at 2 land impact. The candy cane can be hidden or shown via menu when you click and hold for a few seconds.

The Animal Plushies are also hand-drawn and come in 13 different styles, and they can be held with a holding animation or rezzed out at 2 land impact, and also include a resizer script.

The event is located in an amazing winter wonderland-like set-up, and you can browse through the event’s Flickr group here. Don’t miss it!
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evenflow beanbags poster for upload to flickr

evenflow Animal Plushies Gacha Key

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Holiday Raffle!

T’is the season of giving, and we’d like to do something different with this week’s raffle to spread some holiday spirit. On Dec 24th we’ll draw 5 names from the raffle, and the winners will each receive a L$ 1,000 gift card. Gift Cards are transferable, so you can use it for yourself or pass it to someone you love. You’ll be required to join the free group to enter the raffle. Group key: secondlife:///app/group/2c92ed00-4447-aade-a0dd-483360711a3d/about

Here’s a little about this new feature. We recently installed a Gift Card system, which enables you to add any amount of credit to a card which you can then pass over to a friend or loved one. The gift card vendors are available at the front desk, and to use the gift card you will need to click on the Gift Card Redemption Terminal to convert the gift card into store credit, after which you will be able to use it by purchasing things with your new Store Credit.

Winners will be announced in the group, so best of luck everyone. Stay safe, and happy holidays!

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Merry Crisis!

There’s a new gacha fair that’s just started, and it’s hosted by DRD, the Merry Crisis Gacha Fair. We’ve placed a couple of previously released gachas, but we’ve never had the chance to announce them until now.

The first gacha is the Xmas Thieves, because every Christmas needs a grinch! You can turn the suit on/off on click, and they can be held with a holding animation or rezzed out at 1 land impact. They are also resizeable and transferable.

Our second gacha is the Oh Deer! reindeer gacha, you can click the nose to turn the glow on/off, and they are resizeable and transferable, and only 1 land impact. Carry them on your shoulder or rez them out at different sizes and fill your forest with them! The event has many more participating designers, and it runs until Jan 3rd, so check it out.

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xmas thief small

deer small



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F R O S T 2014

There are so many great events this month, and FROST has also opened its doors. Running from Dec 13th to Jan 3rd, we’ve made several new and exclusive releases just for this event. The Tube Scarves come in striped and plain versions, each includes a texture changing HUD with 11 colors. We also have several things that go nicely together, the Fiona Skinny Jeans, Mini Jacket, and Halterneck Tunic. Each piece is sold separately and includes various colors, so you can choose to mix and match to create your own look! There’s also a freebie ‘pink dotted’ scarf we have out under the Christmas tree in the South Eastern corner of the sim. Enjoy the fair, and happy holidays!


blog outfit


blog scarf

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Hi there! Winter Trend Fair 2014 has started, and we’re all getting ready for winter. The fair spans across 2 sims, and even.flow is participating with several new and exclusive releases. The Marlow Jackets and Urban Ponchos both come in 5 standard sizes as well as fitted mesh and include a materials enabled version. The Marlow Jackets also include 2 zipper metals, changeable via HUD. Fatpacked versions come with a HUD to change between all the textures. The fair runs until Dec 19th, so don’t miss it!


jacket blog


poncho blog

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