even.flow & Bokeh 50% Off Dual-Sale!

even.flow is having a massive 50% Off Dual-Sale along with even.flow until March 20th, after having redesigned the sim Garlic Breath at Melee Island, home to the stores.

Everything at even.flow is 50% off, and this includes items in the Retirement Room which will be removed after the sale is over. Store credit can also be earned while you shop.

Bokeh is also having 50% off everything, and this includes new releases. You can also earn store credit while you shop as long as you have your group tag active.

Garlic Breath at Melee Island has re-opened its doors for the most part, although there is still a little bit of maintenance going on. Feel free to explore the sim. You can also find bikes for hire, as well as jet-skis and inner tubes, and for those exploring with someone special there are many cuddle spots and even a couple’s dance machine by the cafe. Rez is enabled, but please be responsible and pick up your things before you leave, and always respect other guests.


even flow and bokeh sale

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