Oh My Gacha!

Oh My Gacha! is in full swing, and from Jan 10th to 31st you can check out so many incredible gachas by some amazing designers. even.flow has 2 releases out for this much anticipated gacha event in the form of beanbags and plushies.

The Wild Beanbags are hand-drawn and come in 15 different styles, with 9 solo sitting animations (with the “plopped” animation being an original custom animation) at 2 land impact. The candy cane can be hidden or shown via menu when you click and hold for a few seconds.

The Animal Plushies are also hand-drawn and come in 13 different styles, and they can be held with a holding animation or rezzed out at 2 land impact, and also include a resizer script.

The event is located in an amazing winter wonderland-like set-up, and you can browse through the event’s Flickr group here. Don’t miss it!
Teleport Here!

evenflow beanbags poster for upload to flickr

evenflow Animal Plushies Gacha Key

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