Voodoo Dolls vs. Dragons

Hello! even.flow is participating in a new gacha event, the Kawaii vs. Creepy Gacha Fair, with a couple of gachas for both areas, or “camps”. The event runs from Oct 25 – Nov 22nd, and you’ll have to take teleporters to access each camp.

For the Creepy Camp, we have another set of plushies, the Voodoo Dolls. These dolls also come with a resizer, and can be held or rezzed at 1 land impact.

And for the Kawaii Camp, we have the fire-breathing Dragon Plushies. They range from 1-2 land impact, and can be worn over your head or rezzed. Each dragon has its own uniquely colored fire-breath when clicked, and they come with a menu to resize and even to change the security settings so that anyone can trigger the fire-breath or to set it to owner-only. To access the menu you will have to click and hold for 3+ seconds.

We hope you enjoy them! Check out the links and pictures below.

Teleport Here!
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