We <3Ulaa

It’s a wonderful thing to see the SL community coming together to help someone in need, and this is what the <3Ulaa fundraiser is doing. The event started on Aug 14th and will run until the 18th, in an effort to raise funds to help Ulaa and her son visit her ill mother. Ulaa Coronet is a home & garden creator in SL, and has given so much to the community. even.flow was lucky to be able to help even with a couple of previous releases. The Adrift Dresses in ‘white’ and ‘white top’, along with the Igraine Dresses in ‘solid black’ and ‘solid red’ are available at the event, donating 50% and 100% of the proceeds to the cause.

You can also help Ulaa by visiting the event and shopping from many designers, some of which are providing limited edition products that will be retired once the event closes.

Teleport to <3Ulaa here!

Read Ulaa’s Story or Donate directly, here!


_3 Ulaa logo



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