Product Recall Announcement

Dear Customers,
We are issuing a recall of the following product from the Clingy TshirtGacha for women at OMG: Oh My Gacha! event:
• even.flow – Clingy Tshirt Gacha “Camel B” (XS/S) F

The Tshirts in the gacha BEFORE July 6th have the wrong textures, and we will send you a replacement with the correct textures. To make sure whether your copy is defective, change the color of the shirt with the chat command, if the color changes and the image of the camel does not change, then your copy is fine! Please follow the instructions below to receive your replacement:

1. Create a folder named “Replacement Request – YOUR NAME” and drop all your “Camel B” (ladies’) Thirts inside it.
2. Send the folder to yingythingy Resident
3. Send a confirmation IM to yingythingy Resident (even if offline) telling us you have sent a folder requesting replacement Tshirts. A simple “I’ve sent you a folder with my Tshirt gachas” will do.
4. Your replacement Tshirts will be sent within 24 hours.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion, and will do ur best to avoid any errors in the future. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

TP to Oh My Gacha!
Flickr Link

– even.flow Management

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