Hunt Prize Previews!

We’ve got 2 great prizes for 2 different hunts that have recently started. They’re all at the main store, and here’s your previews:

1. Jack or Jill Hunt 2.0
even.flow is #48 in the Jack Path. The prize consists of mesh non-rigged camo wellington boots. They include a deletable resizer script, so they can be resized to fit female avatars too. You have from 1st – 28th February to find it!
HINT: “Don’t tell anyone, but I always stick my chewed gum under *that* table.”

even.flow JOJ hunt #48 1

2. AMQS Mini Hunt
We’re at #11 in this hunt, featuring a smaller number of stores. We’ve got these mesh non-rigged clog boots for you, and you have until Feb 15th to find them!
Hint: “You won’t find any lions on this safari”

even.flow AMQS Hunt #11 1

TP to even.flow

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